What is a CMS 1500?

There are countless forms used in a medical billing office. Numerous Medicaid State Agencies require this form to process billing.

Medication covered by insurance means filing a CMS 1500 form

Medication covered by insurance means filing a CMS 1500 form

The Cms 1500 version 02/12 Billing Form is generally used doc filed for payment requests. At first, it was named HCFA 1500. Shortly afterward, it was changed to the CMS 1500 form. Its name revision came from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Only in the medical field…

This document is usually used by healthcare establishments. Generally, you must submit a form with the payer inside of a year of providing a service.  The technology used to scan the filled in forms at payer’s offices is called OCR.

Garbage in, garbage out…

If the form is not up to par, it won’t be read clearly. Photocopying the form is not recommended, as it’s printed using a specific type of ink. Successful form submissions result IF you use the exact form, with the right info.

Two keys that ensure safeguard submissions follow:

  • First, use the most current document.
  • Second, verify that the ink is the right quality.

Fail to prepare, and you should prepare to fail.

Not using the correct form typically leads to rejections. On top of this, waiting too long to re-submit a 1500 Claim Form may lead to no reimbursement. The result of these efforts is a stream on timely insurance repayments. Have ideas on this topic? Please visit our WordPress page and post your comments or recommend other resources to discuss this concept.