It’s All About The Brand


Build your brand

Build your brand

Email communication is an important part of business these days. The old ways of doing things are slowly fading. You have to keep the public interested in what you are selling. You have to leave them wanting more. If you don’t, your public will go elsewhere.

This is why branding is important. It’s not enough to put your product out there, expecting it to sell. You really have to push your product. It doesn’t matter what it is, the “sell” is where it’s at. There is an old saying, “It only takes five seconds for a person to be interested or not.” It all comes down to this, either there is an interest or there’s not.

To that end, we have some advice for those who are looking to bring more life to their brand/product. Contrary to popular opinion, the magic doesn’t happen in the promoting, it happens in the peddling. You can promote something all you want; but, if you are not peddling your product in the right way, everything will go up in smoke.

Peddling Is The Name Of The Game


Promote your brand

Promote your brand

Most consumers are not interested in flyers or advertising. Companies spend billions every year on advertising. This is a complete waste of time and money. All consumers want is to see the product and any discounts. If you reel someone in with discounts, discounts which no one else is offering, you will have them. They will be hooked.

This is a far cry from how it used to be. What can we say, times are changing. It’s no longer about advertising, it’s only about the discounts being offered with the product. Discounts sell the product. In keeping with this logic, there are a few things we want to show you. There are ways to push something, while still keeping the integrity of the product.

Shine The Spotlight On The Hero


Showcase your brand

Showcase your brand

Apple has a great marketing advantage here. Their one add showcases the product and season. By showcasing the season along with the product, they are cutting right to the point. They do give you the specifics. Those specifics, though, aren’t showcased in some huge detail. They are listed underneath, in small print. They only use minimal words for their explanation.

This is another thing. You really don’t need to go into detail about what your product is and who you are. Just choose a couple of choice words and you are done. Genius, huh!

The trick is to turn the product into the hero, not the details. Once people get hooked on the product, they will familiarize themselves with the details. In this day and age, people don’t want details anyway. This is all part of drawing someone in, in the first 5 seconds. People get bored with words. It’s sad to say, but it’s true.

The Promotional Blitz


Promotional blitz

Promotional blitz

This is the next step. Once you hook the person in, you need a strategy. How are you going to keep the person engaged? You can’t just pull them in, expecting them to be loyal. Promoting a product is like keeping your employees at their jobs. You need to create incentive for your staff to stay. If you don’t, they will walk. We have seen it happen too many times.

When you plan your email promotion blitz, you need to do this carefully. The idea is to keep them interested, not turn them off. Customers lose interest and get annoyed if you suffocate them with emails. They will even disassociate themselves from the product. Can you blame them?

Plan something around the seasons. Like computers, the best time to advertise good deals is during back-to-school. Moms and kids are always looking for computers during this time. It’s a necessity for some. Use this to your advantage.

Tell your customers that if they buy now, they can use this coupon. Then email them the coupon. There is another way to do this too. What if you are planning a sales event? There is a strategy for this.

The first emails could advertise your product at full price, with some kind of coupon. The emails that follow could advertise more sales, each one being more aggressive then the last.

Establish Some Rules


Promotional Strategies

Promotional Strategies

Not all of your products will be for everyone. Use this to establish some sort of categorical list. Promote certain products for their desired audience. If you have two or three products for kids ages 13-20, use this for your promotion. Your email blitz should be geared towards those age groups.

You can’t expect to sell something for 20 something’s in the adolescent age groups. Prepare yourself financially for the different groups. Each group should have their own email promotion. In each age group, talk about the consumer first. You are supposed to speak to the person, not the product. You are selling the product to the person. Your advertising should do just that.

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